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With over 150 vocal students, the Matt's Music vocal program is the largest vocal instruction school in Western New York. Our vocal program believes in maximizing each student's vocal journey by establishing sound, technical principles.  We are certified instructors under the "Singing Mastery" methodology, which seeks to help students understand that each singing genre has unique value, but with different musculature applications. We put YOU, the student above all else, and strive to help our students become true conduits of expression in their vocal performances.

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Zach Carr, Ph.D.

Vocal Director/MMVPT Coach

Zach Carr is the Vocal Director at Matt's Music and of the Matt's Music Vocal Performance Team. Zach also gives private vocal performance lessons regularly. Zach has had the distinct privilege of performing with Broadway stars like Katharine MacPhee ("Waitress" on Broadway and NBC's "Smash) and of touring the country and singing in some of the most prestigious venues nationwide (Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center).

Zach can be seen performing all across Western New York while also serving as Vocal Director for musical productions at the Lockport Palace Theatre. Zach's academic work involves conducting research on helping performers achieve authenticity on stage and on the nonverbal components that are critical to providing believable performances. He also assists performers in overcoming performance anxiety. Zach is currently a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University at Buffalo (SUNY) where he continues his research and gives lectures to organizations all across the country. Some of Zach's many accolades include being named the 2017 Emerging Scholar Award and winning the 2018 Communication Teaching Excellence Award. Zach also had the distinct honor of being named Artvoice's 2016 "Best Male Vocalist" as well as JazzBuffalo's 2017 & 2018 "Best Jazz Male Vocalist" awards. 

Kim Potfora

Senior Vocal Instructor/MMVPT Coach


Kim is a senior instructor at Matt's Music and is a Coach on the Matt's Music Vocal Performance Team. Kim can be seen performing all across WNY and was previously the Music Director of University at Buffalo's all-female acapella group, "The Royal Pitches," where she honed her prolific musical arranging skills. Kim is proficient in the execution of all musical genres but specializes in contemporary theatre, traditional theatre, pop and jazz. Kim is also a leading expert on helping performers increase their authenticity and comfort on stage.

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Kacy Harrison

Vocal Instructor

Kacy is a classically trained vocalist who received her BA in music from Buffalo State College. In addition to her music studies, Kacy took coursework in educational methods, Italian, German, French, acting methods, and an independent study in vocal literature. Kacy has been teaching at Matt's Music since 2016 and her students range from 6-60 years old! Kacy participates in a number of WNY ensembles and had the distinct privilege of winning Buffalo State's "Young Artist" Competition in 2017.

Gionna Mariano

Junior Vocal Instructor

Gionna is a junior teacher at Matt's Music as well as a junior coach of the Matt's Music Vocal Performance Team. Gionna specializes in beginner voice & piano and is well versed in many vocal genres. Gionna can be heard singing across WNY and enjoys sharing her love of singing with her students!


Jill is a recent graduate from the University at Buffalo with a Bachelors in Fine Arts in Music Theatre with a minor in Education. She has performed in over 40 WNY theatre productions since the age of  seven and has also been credited as a director and choreographer on multiple shows. Most recently, she has donated her time and enthusiasm for theatre education to become an adjudicator for The Kenny Awards through Shea's. While she specializes in contemporary and traditional theatre she loves exploring all genres of music. Jill has a passion for using her knowledge and background in different acting techniques to encourage students to explore beyond the music and dive deeper into the storytelling of songs.  

Vocal Instructor

Jill Anderson

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