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Our featured student in our Student Spotlight for June is Dylan Dymock!

Devin is 16 years old and has been taking lessons at Matt's Music for 5 years, starting with the trumpet. He currently plays trumpet, tuba, alto/bari saxophone, euphonium/baritone, trombone, clarinet/bass clarinet, oboe, flute, piano, accordion, bass guitar, and drums. He takes lessons with Julianna Rich, Jacob, and Deb. His favorite genres of music are rock, pop, and alternative. 

Devin is a member of Starpoint High School's Wind Ensemble (tuba) and Sr. High Jazz Ensemble (trumpet). He is also a member of Starpoint's Pep Band and performed in Pit Band during last year's Something Rotten (trumpet) and this year's Mamma Mia (keyboard). 

Devin has participated in All County (trumpet) for 2 years and had the opportunity to perform with Erie County Wind Ensemble (tuba) during their Spring Wind Ensemble concert at Starpoint High School. His Sr. High Jazz Ensemble competed in Majors Jazz competition at Williamsville North where they received Gold on Level 6 music, also during their Wind Ensemble competition at Six Flags Darien Lake, they received first place competing at the Level 6. 

He has recently been selected for the Worldstrides Honors Performance Series, in which he will be performing at Carnegie Hall and Sydney Opera House (tuba). 

"Music has ben a big reason for me to keep going in life. Performing music has helped me gain confidence and made me feel proud of the gift I get to share. I have made many close friends who share the same passion in music." - Devin

Congratulations, Devin!

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