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Our Teacher of the Month for March is Miss Kim! Miss Kim teaches voice and has been teaching since 2014. Her favorite genre to teach is musical theater, but she likes to listen to and sing a little bit of everything!


"I could not be more thrilled to have Kim as our featured teacher of the month! Kim is the foundation of our vocal program and the driving force behind our continuing efforts to expand what we offer our students. Kim's the direction of both the Matt's Music Vocal Performance Team and the Matt's Music Summer Performance Squad are a testament to her love and commitment to the mission of Matt's Music, Inc. Kim's expertise, passion and love for music education make her an invaluable asset to our program. Congrats Kim!" - Zach Carr, Vocal Department Chair.

Kim is a head coach on the Matt's Music Vocal Performance Team and Summer Performance Squad. Her students have performed at Carnegie Hall, the Lewiston Jazz Festival, in various collegiate musical theater programs, and countless other events and competitions in the WNY area. Kim also performs at different local venues, vocal directs for the Lockport Palace Theater, and was previously the Music Director of University at Buffalo's all-treble acapella group, "The Royal Pitches."

"Getting to help people find their voices and discover their passion for singing is beyond rewarding, and I'm so grateful for all the connections I've made through teaching voice." - Miss Kim

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