To our valued customers,

Matt’s Music, Inc. has been vigorously monitoring all updates

and mandates regarding COVID-19. As a community-based

business for over 55 years, nothing matters more than

maintaining a safe and responsible learning environment for

our students. We also feel that there is a need for consistency

and stability in these troubled times that we cannot turn away

from. In keeping with both of these concepts, Matt’s Music

wanted to address obvious concerns and provide information

as to the various measures we will be taking to help reduce

the spread of this virus:


Every teaching room, in addition to every general space, is thoroughly cleaned frequently and hand sanitizer will be readily available for our patrons to use. If any instructor or patron is feeling ill, we will be asking them to not come in out of safety for the students, customers, and staff. 


Lessons will be moved to bigger spaces to allow more distance between instructor and student. In order to reduce crowd density, we are asking that parents/guardians drop-off students and then wait to pick them up in their car until after the lesson is finished. This will significantly reduce traffic inside the store and allow for an appropriate social distance for customers and staff. 


We are adjusting our store operations to move away from larger gatherings and focus primarily on interpersonal, one-on-one lesson instruction. 

Please note that we value the safety of each student in addition to valuing the need for normalcy when there is currently so little. It is our obligation to serve the needs of all our students and that includes their musical needs as well. We thank you all for your continued support and should you have any concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We hope you all find peace and stability while continuing to listen for the music amidst the noise. 


With love and regards,
Matt’s Music Staff